Alufix parts library for CAD systems

Fixmes is an Alufix parts library on a geometric basis for designing and documenting fixtures. Using Alufix standard elements fixtures can be built in a fraction of the time required previously. By designing the fixture on-screen expensive idletimes of the measuring machine are avoided.

The principle:
at the CAD workplace the user designs a desired fixture for workpiece machining or measuring using Alufix components. To do so he can use all parts available in the Fixmes library.

The selection is made according to one of the following features:

  • Item No.
  • Name
  • Dimension

The parts of the fixture can be displayed as a wire model or solid. For a clearer image and an increase in speed individual planes or elements (holes) can be excluded. A printout of the finished fixture includes a parts list.

The advantages:

  • Shorter design times
  • Better prolonged use of measuring machine
  • Timely preparation of fixture
  • Documentation for later repeat assembly of fixture
  • Short term changes can be carried out quickly
  • No training necessary
  • CATIA or AutoCAD functions are utilised
  • Also for off-line programming

83677 Fixmes Library für Catia V5
Elements of Alufix modular fixturing system are stored as details.
In addition a CATIA catalogue with parameterized parts is available on request. Elements can be selected according to different criteria such as item number, description or dimensions.

92562 Fixmes Library für Unigraphics NX5
Alufix elements stored with attachment *.prt

83676 Fixmes Library for AutoCAD
Alufix elements stored with attachment *.dwg

82157 Fixmes Library IGES Format
Alufix elements stored with attachment *.igs

82662 Fixmes Library STEP Format
Alufix elements stored with attachment *.stp.

In addition we also offer a download service from internet under:

After registration Alufix components can be downloaded free of charge in all native or universal formats under this address.

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