Planning reliability

Planning reliability

ALUFIX shortens your planning time and gives you a high degree of freedom with

Fast availability, 100% continuity and compatibility

Short term availability

... is a central topic when planning and using fixtures.

Alufix fixtures are manufactured for you very quickly. This is guaranteed because we do most of our own manufacturing, have maximum flexibility and experienced, professional project management  developed around the basis modern CAD and communication software (Catia V4, V5, Unigraphics, AutoCAD).

The advantage for you:  Most of the usual corrections and modifications during your planning phase (approx. the first 12 weeks) can be taken into account during fixture design and production. This saves time-consuming correction runs for you.

Also during pilot manufacturing the necessity to make changes is usually still high. The accuracy and modularity of Alufix fixtures make it easy in our production process to pre assemble subsequent contact points so that you only need to mount them to the main fixture in your plant -quickly and accurately.

This short term availability is due to the  considerably less amount of time required  for the production of an Alufix fixture, compared to conventional fixtures.

A comparison of the time required is shown very clearly in the pictures on the right

100% compatibility

  • All system sizes can be combined
  • No weight or size limits
  • Can be used with other systems and clamps

100% continuity

  • ALUFIX has been on the market for 20 years
  • Basic design has always remained the same
  • Original components still valid today

100% availability

  • Over 90% of components on stock
  • Dispatch within 24 hours
  • Own manufacturing facilities with modern workshop

Certification marks & Award

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