Functional reliability

ALUFIX saves you time and money,
because all tasks are solved quickly and accurately:

Intelligent system

A modular fixture system only earns its name, if it is based on an intelligent principle which guarantees maximum degree of freedom, constant precision and multiple functionality letting users get the job done quickly, easily and economically with a few components.

High versatility of ALUFIX is based on patented system:

  • The outer dimensions of standard components are generally a multiple of the grid.
  • Through bores in all three planes.
  • Hole diameter is always half of grid dimension.

Easy handling due to:

  • Light weight and high accuracy
  • Low storage space necessary, because low component variety
  • No special assembly tools necessary

"Speed" of system with expert software:

  • Expert Software for fast pre-designing
    • Short term feasibility study and defined planning
    • Simple preparation of part lists and layouts
  • Parts library Fixmes for support.

Certification marks & Award

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