Self centering measuring accessories for different hole diameters
Fixing studs for different diameters
Fixinspect accessories simplify and speed up accurate measuring

Witte measuring accessories allow access to otherwise inaccessible threaded and punched holes as well as bolts and welded pins on sheet metal or aircraft parts for measuring.

Determine position of holes and threads easily using Fixinspect and reduce tactile, photogrammetry or laser tracker measuring time.

Four different versions of Fixinspect are available:

  1. Fixinspect Classic
  2. Fixinspect PG – for photogrammetry
  3. Fixinspect LT – for laser trackers
  4. Fixinspect Hiddenpoint

1. Fixinspect Classic

Measuring accessories for tactile measuring

These hemispheres made in high-tensile aluminium are equipped with either exchangeable locating pins or spring loaded centres and anodized red for easy recognition. The locating pins, available for different hole diameters from 2-15,9mm in steps of 0,1mm, are screwed into the underside of the hemisphere and then positioned in the center of the hole.

To measure welding pins Fixinspect Classic accessories with integrated sleeves are used.

The accessories lie absolutely flat on sheet metal and are held securely by 3 magnets. The CMM probe touches the aluminium hemispheres and the data collected allows accurate calculation of hole and/or pin positions.

The Fixinspect Classic accessories are available in different versions, so that besides holes and pins also square holes and internal threads can be measured.

Due to their red colour the accessories are more easily seen on sheet metal parts by measuring machine operators and are exchanged fast from part to part.

2. Fixinspect PG

Measuring accessories for photogrammetry

With Fixinspect PG areas difficult to see can be made "visible”. The specially coded measuring accessories in cube form serve to mark and locate threads, edges and corners.

Fixinspect PG cubes are positioned on to relevant areas of parts to be measured, in the same way as Fixinspect Classic (i.e. with pins or spring loaded centres). The cubes (30x30x30mm) are marked with differently arranged coded dots. Digital photographs are then taken of the parts from different directions, whereby photogrammetry systems use the coded dots to accurately define position of threads and holes.

The two-dimensional photographs are “laid” on top of each other and the photogrammetry system calculates a three-dimensional picture. The dots on the cubes serve as reference points for determining the holes.

Using different cube versions inaccessible areas on workpieces can be measured reliably. There are also special adapters available for 90° internal and external angles.

3. Fixinspect LT

Measuring accessories for laser trackers

Fixinspect LT is a range of special accessories with concave seats which hold the ball-shaped reflectors used by laser trackers. Positioning of these measuring accessories on parts as well as fixation of the reflector balls in "nests” is done using strong magnets.

4. Fixinspect Hiddenpoint

Accessories for aircraft measurement

Hiddenpoint measuring accessories are fixed using hydraulic clamping pins and come with two or four magnetized ball seats as standard. Reflector balls with 0,5” diameter from laser trackers sit on the Hiddenpoint accessories.

They are used for measuring hidden points on the inside or outside of fuselage parts.

Their outstanding features are their light weight and compact design.

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Fixinspect accessories simplify and speed up accurate measuring
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