Press - Archive 2015

 December 2015 - Portable measurement arm securely fixed at the press of a button
... and directly where they are needed For some time now WITTE Vacuum Bases are providing an accurate and secure basis for a wide variety of applications with measurement arms
 October 2015 - Witte WEIGUSS enables machining of delicate components
Machining of filigree parts, which lack contact or support surfaces, is possible with Witte WEIGUSS mould clamping technology.
 September 2015 - Modular scan frame for use in optical scanning cells
During optical component testing quick referencing, short measuring times and universal applicability demand part fixturing solutions, which address these specific parameters 100%.
Vakuum- Spannfutter überkopf mit abgenommenem Schutzdeckel July 2015 - Witte: Self-contained vacuum chuck with double-sided vacuum clamping surface
In this version there are two different clamping possibilities on the top and bottom. One side is designed for fixing to a base and the opposite side is configured to clamp the actual workpiece.
 February 2015 - Measuring without delay
Mobile sandwich plates save time and effort via highly accurate positioning in measuring area for calibration
 January 2015 - Measuring plates with integrated lift tables
A special version of Witte aluminum sandwich plate enables measuring of complete vehicles according to reference point system.

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