Press - Archive 2010

 June 2010 - Laser pointer for positioning measuring accessories
When measuring sheet metal, gathering data on bolts and holes can be very time consuming. With Fixinspect measuring accessories, precision-machined adapters in the shape of hemispheres, this process can be considerably simplified and speeded up
 May 2010 - New fixture variations:
Aluquick SOLID and Alufix ECO

Economical alternatives to the classic fixturing systems from Witte
 April 2010 - With grid and groove
Until recently profiles for modular fixturing have only been available separately either with a groove or with a grid, Witte Bleckede has now combined the specific advantages of both kinds of profile in a new product: Aluquick.
 March 2010 - Retooling for cubings
Test and function cubings serve car manufacturers for function checks as well as for evaluation of design and fitting accuracy. Pilot series work pieces are mounted, examined and improved until they reach series condition.
 March 2010 - Gauges in aluminium and ureol
For visual examination of outer door parts gauges are used, which also enable dimensional checks on a coordinate measuring machine.
 March 2010 - Flip-Pod Vacuum-System simplifies fast machining of large parts
A special milling machine was recently developed for fast and accurate machining of large surface sandwich type plates i.e. plywood, plastics or fiber materials. Previously this process was done manually with electrical saws.

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