Press - Archive 2009

 October 2009 - Clamping honeycomb parts with ice
Machining honeycomb type workpieces makes special demands on clamping technology. Neither conventional clamping methods nor vacuum systems have been able to create ideal conditions for 3D machining of these parts.
 October 2009 - Measuring arms upside down
Vacuum-Disc enables on the spot applications with mobile measuring arms on suitable surfaces
 October 2009 - Witte Bleckede: Research of lightweight construction technologies
For Horst Witte Bleckede, developer and manufacturer of modular workpiece fixturing systems, the study of new materials and technologies plays an important role. The company itself is engaged in several research projects to enable integration of latest findings into their own product development.
 September 2009 - Trendsetter
Multi-functional measuring and matching fixture holds individual parts and assemblies of six different passenger car side panels
Use of standard components enables retooling
 July 2009 - 40 Years Witte Bleckede
Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG celebrated their 40th anniversary on 1st July. What started as a subcontracting company for highly accurate aerospace parts, is nowadays an internationally reknowned manufacturer and supplier of fixturing systems.
 June 2009 - Automatic loading system for measuring machines
Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of modular fixturing systems, offers an automatic loading system for coordinate measuring machines.
 April 2009 - Modular cubings
In the automotive industry data control models and/or cubings are used for design evaluation and functional tests. Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of various workpiece fixturing systems, is breaking new ground by manufacturing modular cubings, enabling the combination of characteristic full or strip models with the advantages of modular measuring fixtures.
 March 2009 - Pirouettes!
Sandwich plates are often used as a base for measuring fixtures and structures. However they are increasingly being used as a means of transport between measuring center and assembly area.

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