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November 2005 | Defining position and measuring inaccessible holes and bolts „hole“ success with hemispheres
Normally the bolt must be referenced, the surrounding area measured at four points and the bolt at a further six points, this involves also considerable feed paths. A further difficulty is that the holes or rather their mid-points have tolerances, so that also the hole centres must be defined.

Axel Schamal, supervisor of measuring at Daimler Chrysler in Sindelfingen, had the brilliant idea of solving the problem using hemispheres. The principle is very simple: The underside of the hemisphere has a pin which fits into a hole. The stylus then no longer has to „find“ the hole but only touch the accurately machined ball surface. Critical areas such as connection points for mirror or windscreen wiper are more easily accessible faster; the hole is „found“ immediately.

Axel Schamal’s idea was taken up and developed further by Bleckede company Witte.
Meanwhile there is an extensive range of measuring accessories christened „Fixinspect“ available. On their flat surface the accurately machined aluminium hemispheres have exchangeable screw-in pins, which correspond to different hole diameters. One single hemisphere can be used with various exchangeable pins. The adapters are available in different versions, so that all kinds of variations – holes, bolts, insert threads - can be measured. The pin is put into the centre vertically or the measuring accessory is placed onto the bolt. On the flat bottom side of the hemispheres there are three magnets, which secure the adapter onto the body absolutely evenly. The magnets allow simple and reliable fixation of the adapters. It is therefore possible to measure even inaccessible points like the floor parts of a car without problems. The adapter is put into the hole from underneath and without any further accessories securely fixed by the magnets. By touching the ball surface the position of the hole or bolt is defined. One version of the adapters has a spring-loaded self-centering pin making mounting even easier and faster.
Conventionally at least 7 touches, not including referencing are required to define a hole. 2 measuring points are saved using Fixinspect .

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