Mini Ice Vice

November 2005 | Ice Vice Light
Ice Vice Light enables secure and plane-parallel freezing of flat workpieces on to its clamping surface using only a little water and in just a few seconds. An even holding force is effective over the whole surface.

  • Clamping of small parts
  • Clamping of workpieces with special geometries
  • Especially suitable and economically viable in modelling, sample machining, prototype machining and single series machining.
Preparations for use are kept to a minimum.
After chuck is cooled down to +3°C, some water is sprayed onto clamping surface and part is positioned. Then freezing process takes place at a temperature of –10°C.
Time taken until machining can begin is dependant on working environment, thermal conductivity, warmth capacity and size of object. Handling is also simple. A switch on top of the basic unit allows selection of pre-cool, freeze and thaw settings.  Due to its compact design Ice-Vice Light only takes up little space 223x67x84mm). It is an economical (and quiet) alternative for those difficult, small jobs.

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