new Witte vacuum base
new Witte vacuum base with measuring arm
August 2017 | Witte: New and improved vacuum base for measuring arms

For many years, the WITTE vacuum base for measuring arms and devices has been used successfully in quality assurance. This self-sufficient item with integrated vacuum generator and control elements gives measuring arms a solid base on site.

Witte has now further developed this vacuum base, which can also be used on free-form surfaces, and has added some new control elements and optimized others. A digital pressure switch is now responsible for precise vacuum control which maintains the operating vacuum on a safe level without vacuum loss.

Instead of a mechanical manometer, the respective vacuum value is now shown on a clear display. The upper and lower limits are fixed in this case and thus secure a firm position of this base.

The device is battery-powered, with a controller monitoring the charge level. Recharging is done using a charger included in the storage and transport case.

Several threaded holes are inserted into the top plate in preparation for mounting various types of measuring arms or their threaded adapter rings. The basis for optimal measuring results is thus given and the mobility of measuring arms extended with further possibilities.

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