• Automatic liquid separator for vacuum systems • Chamber volume: 2x9l • The 2-chamber system empties without interrupting the vacuum circuit
July 2017 | Witte: New automatic liquid separator for vacuum systems

Witte has now developed a liquid separator, which is integrated into the suction line of vacuum clamping systems and automatically removes all sucked-in fluids.

A two-chamber principle, special electro valves and a control system are responsible for the fully automatic operation and allow the sucked in coolant emulsions to drain. Suitably installed in a location slightly above the coolant container of a milling or grinding machine center, discharging into this container is possible and the coolant circuit is thus closed again.

The use of an automatic separator is essential in cases of large-area vacuum clamping systems or processes for complicated workpieces with long running times because neither the clamping process is interrupted nor the process reliability is influenced.

The integration of the separator is completed in a few simple steps and consists merely of connecting a maximum of 3 vacuum hoses and establishing an electrical connection for the mains voltage of 230Volt.

Once switched on, this new type of liquid separator is fully automatic even with a high separation efficiency. In order to increase this separation volume, a version with an additional compressed air connection is also available, which means that the outlet volume is more than doubled.

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